Brown University Alumni Association (Singapore)

We are a community of alumni, current students, parents, and friends of Brown University in Singapore. Our aim is to connect each other and the University, as well as to other organizations in the country, such as DUAL.

Columbia University Club (Singapore)

Columbia University Club (Singapore) is the alumni association of Columbia University In The City Of New York. Since its founding in 1997, the Club has been organizing events to promote the social interaction of alumni and students from Columbia. We work with ARC to interview candidates and award book prizes to promising Junior College students.

Cornell University / Cornell University Hoteliers

The Cornell Club Singapore was founded in 2000 and is one of the largest and most active Ivy clubs in Singapore. The club has an influential, multi-racial and international alumni upwards of 1,000 and expanding, with connections and affiliations with other alumni clubs in Singapore and around the region.

The club also maintains strong ties with Cornell University in Ithaca and often hosts events and talks with visiting faculty while doing its part to keep members informed on the alma mater's developments. The club also serves as a channel for alumni to give back to Cornell either in Singapore or Ithaca.

Dartmouth Alumni Association (Singapore)

Harvard Club of Singapore

The Harvard Club of Singapore invites all interested alumni, students and parents, and current and former faculty to join the club and participate in its activities.

The Harvard Club of Singapore offers a variety of activities designed to capture your interests and contribute to the community. Our programs include regular socializing and networking, academic lectures, cultural events, and opportunities to discover Singapore.

Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore

INSEAD Club of Singapore

Singapore is IAA's fifth-largest national chapter and its fastest-growing. With 1,700 alumni in a compact urban setting and the benefit of INSEAD’s Asia campus, we have an active community offering a rich variety of events and many benefits to members.

Kings College London Alumni Society (Singapore)

London Business School

London School of Economics Alumni Association of Singapore

The LSEAAS continues a proud tradition of facilitating and organising events that are educational and entertaining – a means to maintain our links with the School and alumni here in Singapore.

MIT Club of Singapore

The MIT Club of Singapore (MITCS) was founded in June 1983 to foster relationships among MIT alumni in Singapore and between MIT alumni in Singapore and MIT faculty as well as other MIT alumni clubs. To this end, the Club aims to encourage research activities, provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to science and the humanities beneficial to the people of Singapore as well as sponsor programs of a social nature between the Club and other similar organisations in Singapore. The Club will also assist and provide information to intending students to MIT.

MBA Alumni - National University of Singapore

The MBA Alumni – NUS, founded in 1985, is an alumni body affiliated with the NUS Business School. Membership is open to all persons who have been conferred the NUS MBA.

The MBA Alumni – NUS comprises many top business, corporate, industry, government and academic leaders. The alumni provides a platform for business networking and referral, investment and leadership, as well as experiential learning and social community outreach opportunities, and serves as a bridge between the business and general community with the school and the students.

Oxbridge Society

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Singapore promotes social contact among Oxbridge alumni residing in Singapore by organising and promoting social gatherings and events whereby members may co-operate in professional, intellectual or cultural activities.

Princeton Alumni Association of Singapore

Stanford Club of Singapore

We are a group of Stanford alumni and friends living in, or associated with, Singapore. Our Club aims to promote networking and interaction for our members and other Stanford alumni and friends through year-round events. We also organise the annual Stanford Book Prize award for outstanding pre-tertiary essay-writing.

University of California, Berkeley

We welcome all past, present and prospective students of UC Berkeley to be members of our society. Other friends and associates of Cal are also welcome to be associate members.

University of Chicago Club

University of Michigan Alumni (Singapore)

University of Pennsylvania Club

Yale Club (Singapore)

The Yale Club of Singapore was founded in 1985 to bring together a then nascent community of Yalies. Since then, we have grown to more than 150 members, which through our events, gatherings and initiatives, support the mission of Yale and its presence in Asia.